Levee Street Project Moving Forward

Posted on April 20th, 2017

Part of the levee wall on Culberston Blvd. in Vincennes

The Vincennes Water Utilities is ready to move forward with the Levee Street Project. The access road would be located on the wet side of the levee wall.

Water Utilities General Manager Kirk Bouchie says the current path is gravel only. They have proposed putting a hard surface on the road in order to have better access to the pumping stations which prevents rising waters from the Wabash River from entering the city.

Bouchie says they are looking at a roller compacted concrete surface. He says the application is cheaper than pouring concrete. The cost for the project is estimated around $300,000.

The Utilities Services Board agreed to put up $100,000 from stormwater user fees to pay for a portion of the work. At their meeting Thursday morning, the Vincennes Redevelopment Commission agreed to supply the remaining $200,000.

Although it will not be a public road, Bouchie says people will be allowed to walk or ride their bike on Levee Street. Motorized vehicles will not be allowed on the road except for those owned by the city.

The road will run from the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park all the way to Kimmell Park.

Pending funding from the RDC, Bouchie says they hope to put out bids and build the road this summer.

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