Several Road Projects to Begin Monday

Posted on April 20th, 2017

Beginning Monday crews with Milestone Contractors will begin milling and paving operations in Vincennes. City Engineer John Sprague says preliminary plans are to begin milling operations on Main Street and then 7th Street. Meanwhile, street paving will be taking place on Peachtree Terrace, Marion Drive, Avondale Drive., Rose Road. and Elberta Drive. Paving will them move to Main Street and begin following the milling machine.

Sprague says the contractor will notify local residents and businesses by letter prior to milling and/or paving of their street. Paving and milling operations will continue throughout all the roadways designated in the project.

The road milling and paving is being paid for with a Community Crossings grant the city received through the Indiana Department of Transportation. Vincennes was awarded over $800,000 back in late August.

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