Merit Commission Could See Approval Tonight

Posted on September 11th, 2017

The Vincennes City Council is expected to make their decision tonight on whether or not to green light a proposed Firefighters Merit Commission.

The proposed commission would consist of a three member committee, one member appointed by City Council, a second by the Mayor and a third by firefighters. Each would serve a two year term. Those three people would deal with hirings, firings and promotions within the local fire department.

The commission has been up in the air for weeks after it was first proposed and then sent to the city’s Public Safety Committee for further review. That first review came with controversy over what the merit commission would control and who would be involved. A revised proposal hit the sweet spot last week, getting the approval of the Public Safety Committee and being sent back to City Council for a vote tonight.

If the City Council votes to approve the commission, it will need the approval of local firefighters as well before it is officially established.

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