Halter Helping in Hurricane Relief

Posted on September 12th, 2017

As residents of Florida begin to piece their lives back together following the impact of Hurricane Irma, local crews from right here in Vincennes are among the first ones helping to kick start that process.

Crews from Halter Tree Service headed south near the end of last week to do their part in clearing debris after the storm hit. We spoke to Doug Halter, President of Halter Tree Service, and he explained that his crews are among the first ones to encounter the aftermath of the Hurricane.

Halter explained that, as a utility line clearance contractor, his crews have established a working relationship with companies in states along the Gulf Coast, such as Florida Power & Light. When those crews need assistance because of incidents such as Irma, Halter Tree Service will send their available crews. In this instance, Halter received clearance from WIN Energy REMC and Vectren to leave current jobs at home and lend a helping hand.

Right now, Halter says they have 62 staff personnel on sight, assisting with clear debris so power can be restored to the 6 million plus who lost it during the storm.

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