Vincennes Eyeing Earlier Gimbel Corner Upgrade

Posted on October 11th, 2017

The Vincennes City Council has approved the first reading of an ordinance creating a donation fund for the development of Gimbel Corner.

The property, which sits at 2nd and Main in Vincennes is included as part of the city’s Stellar Communities application, and with any luck, will be transformed through that¬†program, should Vincennes be named the recipient of the Stellar Designation. As part of that process, however, the city was awarded $2,500 from Stellar to put towards one of their listed projects. Thus far, the city has used those funds to add picnic tables to the Gimbel Corner space, and hope to add a few other items such as benches and planters as well.

Per the conditions of Stellar, Vincennes must also match that $2,500 through private donations, which are now being accepted. Those donations can be sent to the Mayor’s Office by mail at 201 Vigo Street, or can be made online through patroncity. A link to that site can be found on the¬†Vincennes Stellar Designation Facebook Page

Thus far, Mayor Joe Yochum says that the city has raised over $1,400 as part of their match. Donations can be made through October 27th.

The city is set to find out whether or not it will receive the Stellar Designation at 2:00 p.m. on October 18th.

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