Updates Made to Co. Personnel Policy

Posted on November 8th, 2017

Knox County employees will see some changes in the new personnel policy handbook that will be to their liking.

County Attorney Yvette┬áKirchoff says they’ve tried to address the longevity issue by increasing the number of vacation and sick days for those employees who’ve been with the county for many years.

Kirchoff says those county employees with 15 or more years of experience will receive 20 vacation days per year while those workers with 25-years of service will get 30 days. The number of sick days employees are able to accumulate will increase by six.

The Knox County Commissioners approved the 1st draft of the updated handbook at their meeting Tuesday.

Kirchoff says they hope to finalize all of the changes and have it ready for the commissioners approval by their December meeting. She added they are also going to be ordering an audio copy as well as a Spanish speaking copy for those employees who maybe visually impaired or for persons who English is not there first language.

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