DLGF Holds Knox Co. CCD Hearing

Posted on November 9th, 2017

A hearing was held Wednesday afternoon to discuss the establishment of a new county fund.

Representatives from the Indiana Department of Local Government Finance held a hearing at the Knox County Court House to discuss a cumulative capital development fund, which had received some backlash from the public. Over the summer, the Knox County Commissioners voted to establish the fund, but a remonstrance filed by concerned citizens sent the matter to a hearing. In essence, the fund would reallocate some of the county’s general fund into the CCD. That could impact the property taxes of some county residents. County Council President Bob Lechner was among the first to speak in support of the fund and says he has high hopes after the hearing.

Speaking out against the establishment of the fund, County Commissioner Tim Ellerman says it’s not the weight of the fund that has him bothered, but rather the impact the fund could have when coupled with other state taxes.

The DLGF has given Knox County citizens seven days to submit further written evidence either in support or against the CCD fund. After that period, they are expected to make their ruling in a timely manner.


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