City Preparing for Washington Avenue Overhaul

Posted on November 14th, 2017

The City of Vincennes is preparing for the Indiana Department of Transportation’s call for bids for the year 2022.

In five years, the city is hoping to have work done on Washington Avenue from Emison Avenue to Belle Crossing. The area was referred to as a vital artery of the city at last night’s City Council meeting, and many were in agreement that the area needs to become more accessible.

City Engineer John Sprague revealed to the council a proposed plan to add sidewalks, guttering and bike lanes along the road, which runs along Gregg Park, a high traffic area.

According to Sprague, the total cost for project construction comes in at over $6 million. General Manager of the Vincennes Water Utilities Kirk Bouchie says that he’s confident the USB will pledge their support, both unanimously and monetarily at their meeting later this week. With the USB covering the utility portion of the the 20% match, the city of Vincennes would need to spend just under $1 million on the project.


The City Council voted to unanimously sign a Letter of Financial Commitment for the project, which wouldn’t begin until 2022. Mayor Yochum said the money would likely come from EDIT dollars, suggesting the City commit $200,000 every year for the next five years towards the project.

United Consulting has been assisting the city with their application. The Board of Works approved a total of $9,500 to pay for their assistance.

The City’s application is due by November 22nd, and they expect to find out if that application was accepted sometime early next year.

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