GRC Celebrates Launch of New Clark Quarter

Posted on November 15th, 2017

Yesterday marked a historic day in one of Indiana’s most historic cities.

The Riverfront Pavilion in Vincennes was packed full of citizens from both near and far as the US Mint rolled out its newest quarter, featuring George Rogers Clark and his men charging into battle with an unknown foe. The design was chosen from a pool of around a dozen.

The quarter is the 40th coin in the Mint’s America the Beautiful program. The event was marked with words from state congressmen and representatives, as well as local leaders. Joe Herron is a chief ranger at the George Rogers Clark National Historical Park, and he says this was a big day for the community.


Officials with the United States Mint were also on hand. The Clark quarter is the last to be rolled out this year.

Following a ceremony to unveil the new quarter, interested parties had the opportunity to go next door to the Old State Bank to exchange bills for Clark quarters of their own. Each individual was limited to ten rolls.


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