Citizens Working With City on Comprehensive Plan

Posted on November 17th, 2017

The city of Vincennes held their first in a series of meetings to discuss its comprehensive plan last night.

The public was invited to City Hall to discuss the city’s plan for the upcoming 2018 year. The initial hope is to gather ideas from area residents at the first few meetings before consultants with Lucket and Farley, the firm assisting the city with the plan, will begin to draw up plans for the city to accomplish.

Last night’s meeting drew in expected ideas such as new sidewalks and more lighting on city streets, both for function and safety. A few other ideas tossed around included creating the requirement for business licenses in the community and updating the current landscaping ordinance,

Mark Arnold is a landscape archtiect consulting with Luckett and Farley on the project, and he says more civic participation is key in developing the future of the city.

The next meeting to discuss the comprehensive plan will take place on either Saturday, December 9th or Saturday, December 16th, in hopes of allowing more area residents to attend. An exact time for that meeting has yet to be determined.

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